ALDI Grocery Stores Sell Bottles Of (Delicious) Wine For $2

One of my least but also most favorite things to spend money on is food. I love when I spend $10 on a warm burrito the size of my face and devour each gooey bite. I hate when I don’t have my $10 anymore. I sometimes tell myself that I could just save $100 a week and also be skinnier if I just stopped blowing money on eating out. I sometimes tell myself that eating is one of the single greatest things to do with my time on Earth and that spending $40 a day on dinner is something I deserve.

That being said, there’s really nothing better than getting food for a cheap price. There’s also not much better than getting GOOD food for a cheap price. I’d like to introduce you to ALDI, my long time favorite grocery store. Recently, they’ve been in the press a lot lately because their much cheaper food is also better for the consumer. The stores aren’t pretty, they’re actually basically warehouses. The food isn’t even taken out of the boxes before being put on the shelves. I don’t give a shit. They treat their employees nicely and sell cheap cheese.

I’ve seen a lot of blogger moms discussing what they do and don’t buy at ALDI, but they tend to discuss cleaners and baby wipes while leaving out what I’ve come to realize is the greatest deal I’ve seen at the store. That, my friends, is their wine. I’ve never been much of wine aficionado. I only recently learned from some wine-os what terms like “bold” and “full-bodied” mean when not referring to my personality or body type. I’m SO okay with twist off pink moscato from 7/11. I really thought I was getting a superb deal when I spend $7.99 for a bottle.

Let me introduce you to my new best-friend:

Mhm, yes, that is a bottle of wine for under $3.00. It isn’t tiny either. This is just one of the many varieties I’ve found at that price point. Now if you want to go a little crazy, the selection increases greatly if you up your budget to 6 bucks. BYOB for that Christmas party has never been easier.


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