How Putting $4 Diaper Rash Cream On My Face Stopped My Cystic Acne Breakouts

I have had a history of clear skin for my entire life (I am now 24). I never had to use expensive skin products and I slept in my makeup without any visibly negative repercussions. I took my clear skin for granted. Flash forward to about 6 months ago when I developed some cystic hormonal acne around my jaw line and on my chin. These weren’t pimples, as they wouldn’t’ pop and never formed a head. They hurt, they were inflamed, and even after taking a needle to them (I know, bad call) I couldn’t seem to rid my face of this bizarre 20-something bacteria attack.

For the first time (EVER) I made a dermatologist appointment. I was prescribed Tretinoin cream (a lifesaver for anti-aging). As small as it made my pores, it wouldn’t clear the deep, under-the-skin cysts I was experiencing. I decided to begin digging on the internet, and toward the bottom of a random forum I saw someone suggest using zinc oxide cream (better known as diaper rash cream) directly on the cysts. I kid you not, within a week they were almost healed. I now use Dynarex Zinc Oxide Ointment, 2 oz Tube daily underneath my moisturizer and they have still not returned and an entire month has passed.

You can get it at your local drug store or even get it shipped right to your door from Amazon (at a fraction of the cost of prescription acne meds).

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  1. I have adult onset cystic acne as well, ugh. Such fun. This is a really neat method. I’m actually on a medication that was originally meant to control high blood pressure but it works amazingly well for cystic acne. Haven’t had a breakout since starting it six months or so ago. It’s dangerous to take while pregnant but being childfree and having an IUD, that’s no biggie! 🙂


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