Need Birth Control But Have No Insurance? Will Deliver It To Your Door Even If You Don’t

I’m currently 24 years old, almost 25. Basically the only life improvement I’ll see from hitting that quarter century milestone is that my car insurance may go down and I’ll be able to rent a car everywhere– nothing too exciting. The following year I’ll turn 26. I, like many others, will then lose the health insurance coverage I have thru my parents (in my case, my father).

I’ve been on birth control since I’ve had a period. I got my period while away at camp and bled so heavily that I had to stay in my bunk for a majority of the activities, embarrassed and miserable.  Anyhow, the prescription that I’d refilled 100 times magically ceased to exist when CVS alerted me that I’d need to go back to the gynecologist (no longer where I live) in order to get the prescription refilled. I took this as an opportunity to check out other options, as I really hate any sort of doctor’s appointment and the time it takes from my day– oh, and can’t forget that dreaded co-pay.

While searching, I stumbled upon, a site that claimed to deliver birth control to your door for only $15 a month without having to see a doctor in person. The best part? No insurance required. I was skeptical, as it seemed to good to be true, and I’d paid more in the past for my birth control WITH insurance. Well, I gave it a shot and I am happy that I did. Nurx rules!

When you sign up you will have to fill out a very simple survey that basically asks if you’re pregnant. You also have to upload a photo ID and insurance (IF you plan on using it, I didn’t). You also have to choose which birth control you want, and this is where it gets a little tricky. All of the options are not $15 a month and the prices aren’t listed. I was quoted a whopping $500 for my former go-to B-Yaz. I immediately messaged them after having a mini freak out and had them swap that for whichever birth control went for $15. I’d like to note that they confirm the cost with you PRIOR to running your payment, which I very much appreciate. The $15 birth control is called Mono-Linyah and it’s listed close to last.

After ordering a three month supply, it was about a week until my birth control arrived at my door. I’ve been taking it for about a month now and it seems to work for me just as great as my former B-Yaz AND I didn’t have to go to the dreaded doctor. I’ve also downloaded their app so that I will be notified when I need future orders. Keep in mind, however, that NURX is only available in FL, CA, NY, DC, WA, IL, and PA.

Still not sold? Use code IVY-28V2 and get $20 worth of Nurx credit. Happy contracept-ing!

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