I’ve Been Injecting Myself With “The Barbie Drug” To Stay Tan All Year Round

Yes, you read that right. I have been injecting myself, in the stomach, with an unusual substance that keeps me tan all year round– no sun required. What is this “barbie drug”? It’s a peptide called Melanotan 2.

Melanotan 2 is a peptide initially created by researchers at the University of Arizona to protect fair-skinned people from skin cancer and currently used  by many in order to get a deep, dark tan without much sun exposure. In addition to its tanning properties, the drug also decreases appetite and increases libido, which garnered it the nickname “The Barbie Drug”.  I’d like to note that the increased libido aspect is no joke. I kid you not, my vagina throbs for about an hour after I take it. I can only imagine what happens to men.

Melanotan 2 mimics the naturally occurring horomone MSH (melanocyte-stimulating hormone) to activate the melanocyte receptors to promote tanning which protects the skin and enhances DNA repair. By stimulating the skin cells to produce melanin, even the most pale of skin tones are able to reach a nice bronze color without sunburn.

I’ve been injecting myself in the stomach with Melanotan 2 off and on for 3 years without issue. That is not to say the same goes for everyone, and I’d like to make it clear that it is NOT FDA approved for human use (hence why all the online sellers note “for research purposes only”). I, however, don’t care.  I love it. A majority of the snack foods I eat in the United States are not approved as edible in Sweden, so I generally take the U.S. government’s opinion of what can and can’t go inside (or come out of) me with a grain of salt.

Since the beginning of high school I had been fake-baking constantly. I’ve always adored darker, exotic skin and hated how much I resembled Elmer’s glue in the winter time. I also had issues with unevenness, such as my face never being able to hold color while my legs held a dark tan throughout the entire summer.  As a half-Swede, I would spend most of my summers overseas. It was during one of those summer trips that I was introduced to melanotan in the form of a nasal spray and I’ve been hooked  ever since.

Over the years I’ve tried various brands in both injection and spray form, and learned that the nasal spray, although less intimidating, is not nearly as potent. My typical use is once a day for 2 weeks every four months and a weekly “top up” dose in between sessions. I’ve discussed the peptide with various other users online, and other than an occasional stomach ache from the first use, we are all incredibly satisfied with our deep brown (NOT orange) tans.

I created a YouTube video that goes into more detail and I apologize in advance for how much less eloquently I speak when ranting out loud vs. on paper:

Note: I am aware that in the video I said melanotan was created so that pale people can tan  (the cyber bullies won’t let me live this down). I’m here to correct myself. I should have stated that it was created to prevent skin cancer and that in doing so it makes the skin tanner and , thus, less susceptible to skin cancer. I will be making a more professional video in the near future, as I had no idea how many views (and hateful comments) the melanotan niche would bring me. 

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