Girl Bosses: Marie B. & Do The Right Vintage

I first met Marie B. when she was the makeup artist and stylist at a photo shoot I was doing in Baltimore. At the time I was trying to be a video vixen because I was 19 and delusional as I still believed that it could be really profitable somehow. (Note to younger ladies: these aren’t the days of Megan Good anymore. You won’t get paid 10k for a video appearance. The chicks who are getting serious money for having a fat ass are either shaking it or offering it up to rappers.) Anyhow, in addition to getting some really dope pictures that I still love, I was also introduced to Marie, who was fabulous at both makeup and putting unique looks together. I was flattered, honestly, as I was just some random teenager with a basic portfolio, and she came prepared as if she was about to beat and style Rihanna.

Fast forward four or five years, and we’ve still kept in touch. She recently

Makeup by Marie B. on yours truly, 2012
showed me her latest project, and I’m loving that she’s been able to profit off of her love for unique pieces of clothing that she calls “treasures”.  Do The Right Vintage  is not only a web-store, but also a mobile garment pulling and wardrobe styling service for editorial shoots, music videos, events, and other visuals.  Marie expressed to me that it was no easy feat to follow her dreams of opening her own boutique and has shared with me her story.

In 2003, Marie attended the Bennett Career Institute in Washington, D.C. to become a certified makeup artist. Having gained access to the industry, Marie’s love for creative direction and styling grew. She began organizing and styling her own shoots in which she also did the makeup to simultaneously build her portfolio. It was then that she realized her true goal was to be a wardrobe stylist and open her own online vintage boutique. At the time, the Instagram app hadn’t yet been created, so setting up shop wasn’t an easy 3-click process.

It was in 2015 that Marie finally decided to take the calculated risk of quitting her toxic day job and focusing 100% on turning her dream into reality. She’s worked random part time jobs, driven for Uber, and depended on ramen noodles. “I’m not ashamed to share my story, because everyone has their season. Sometimes in life you have to separate in order to elevate and that goes for toxic energy, environments, workplaces, people, bad habits, etc. Anything that brought negativity to my space has to go, so that’s what I did. I cut off all negativity and started to focus on myself, my future, my vision,  and my goals. I substituted social media for books and day by day I began creating my own lane. If not me, then who? Ain’t nobody gonna grind for you, right?”

For the entirety of  2016, Marie gave up a life of glam in order to support herself while investing; trading fake eyelashes and makeup for double shifts at her part time job and under-eye bags. On her days off she trades catching up on sleep for networking events, meetings, photo shoots, and working on inventory for her store. “I love sleep,” she says, “but I love what I do as well. I want to achieve my goals just as bad.”

Is it worth the sacrifice? She thinks so. Today she is celebrating the one year anniversary of her online store. “Nothing happens overnight and I had to learn that patience is definitely the key. I’ll never stop.”  Until we follow up with her again, check out Marie’s treasures at @DoTheRightVintage on Instagram in addition to her site

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