This Miracle Cream Is Shrinking My Pores & Making My Crows-feet Vanish

When it comes to beauty, my skin regimens are of the highest priority. Having nice skin makes wearing makeup easier, or not even necessary. Having nice skin gives me confidence. Having nice skin makes me slightly less scared of aging. I’m constantly looking into ways to give myself the clearest, plumpest, most radiating skin possible– and I have a new favorite product that’s giving me just that.

I went to Dr.Naderi a few months ago to discuss my serious under eye bags and what I could do to make them GTFO. I left with an urge to maybe move ahead with cheek fillers, but also a prescription for Tretinoin cream (the name brand version is called Retin-A, but I’m all for generics). “It’s seriously the best,” the bleach blonde receptionist said to me in Swedish. I went to CVS immediately so that I could start using Tretinoin that evening (I’d like to note that the cream cost me $10 thru my insurance, but can be purchased without insurance for around $70) . I was advised to put a pea sized amount all over my face as part of my bedtime routine. (I did a little google research prior to rubbing this highly recommended yet mysterious substance all over my face and learned that Tretinoin cream is one of the only topical ointments proven, by scientific study, to improve the appearance of the skin– God bless Vitamin A and retinoids.)

The morning after my first use my skin was quite irritated and unusually dry. To reiterate, my skin looked like crap the next morning. I, however, enjoyed the dry burn and could sense that it was part of the process. I began using Trader Joe’s Vitamin Oil E, 4 Ounce in the morning and before bed as it was the only moisturizer that didn’t further irritate my skin.

Fast forward a couple of months, and my skin is blemish free. Beyond that, my pores are much smaller.  In the morning, I used to look at my nose and analyze all of the giant holes full of gunk on it– now, I forget they exist. Although instructions say to avoid the eye area,  my dark under-eye circles are diminishing from using the Tretinoin cream on them every night. The smile lines I’ve gained from years of many laughs are appearing less deep.  I’d like to note that the cream comes in various levels of potency, and that my roommate got serious irritation from using the .05% formula that I used without much issue. She has sensitive skin, however, so a lower (perhaps .025% formula) may be what was needed for her skin. I continue to use the vitamin E oil in addition to my regular moisturizer to ensure I don’t turn into a raisin and will continue using Tretinoin as part of my skin regimen ’til death.


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