I Tried “The 2 Week Diet” and Became A Believer

I’ll admit it–I’m a fad dieter. I’m not at the level of falling for the multi-level marketing pyramid scams that my acquaintances are always promoting on Facebook. I did, however, try the recipe for Beyonce’s cayenne pepper weight loss lemonade (it was actually…good?).  Not sure where I stand on the tier of gullible, however,  I’ve googled “how to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks” before an event or beach trip approximately 793 times.

I initially read about the “official” 2 week diet and was a tad skeptical. The landing page seemed too as-seen-on-tv and the results seemed too good to be true. Were these people real? Were they paid to give a bias review? Can GEICO actually save you money on your car insurance? “What the heck?” I thought, “I’ll try it”. I am SO happy that I did. As a human that’s not capable of eating healthy or exercising all the time, this diet has become a staple for when I need to drop 10 pounds FAST.  Best part? I only had to spend $37 ONE TIME to get the results EVERY TIME.

You need before and after photos to believe me, I get it. Here they are (I’d like to note, for the sake of limiting the overload of body shaming I see online, that I do not think that I was fat before and I didn’t hate my body. I did, however, want to fit into my pants.)


I had such great results that I was able to contact them and create a special deal in which anyone that I refer get’s $10 off (you’re welcome). Don’t hesitate to shoot me a contact form request with any questions and please share your success stories–I’d love to hear them!

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