Oh My Dosh! The DOSH App Will Pay You $15 For Every Friend You Refer

**Note that when the promotion period ends the referral bonus will drop back down to $5**
You know that shopping cash back mobile app, DOSH, that everyone is talking about?

If not, this mobile app is basically giving away FREE money just for downloading it from your app store and activating it, which is also FREE by the way. The app itself is actually pretty cool in its own right, offering cash back automatically from the day to day purchases that you make.

They give you $5 bucks just for downloading and attaching your Debit/Credit card to activate your CashBack savings from your favorite retail & restaurant locations in your local area.

What’s CRAZY is that they also will pay you $15 bucks per referral.  

Simply share your link to EVERYONE you know and they will pay you $15 per person that sets up a FREE account. You, nor your referral, has to buy anything.

My friend has already made over a thousand bucks since Sunday just sharing the app on Social Media.

The catch is that this promotion period ends real soon so follow these instructions like I just did and get activated.

1. CLICK HERE to download the app and learn more

2. Create your account then verify your account by checking your email.

3. Add your Debit/Credit card to Activate your account. (FREE)

  • You’ll get $5 when you do that as a bonus.

4. Click on the “Social” tab near the bottom to retrieve your referral link.

5. Share your link EVERYWHERE

  • For every person that uses your link to download the app and activates the account, you get $15 bucks…
This is FREE money to use for whatever you need so make sure to take advantage before the promo ends.


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