Hustler Hacks: How To Make A Quick $1000-$2000 By Referring Your Friends To Download Free Financial Apps

App download referral codes—they’re nothing new and the concept is simple. A company provides it’s users with a unique URL or code that gives that user an incentive of some sort to share the app with their friends and/or followers. The company then benefits by gaining more (hopefully long-term) users. When Uber first launched, I remember sharing my referral code like wild fire and reaping free ride after free ride after free ride. A plethora of financial apps have joined the bandwagon and, unsurprisingly, their typical incentive is to offer users actual money.

Over the past couple of months I’ve made over $1000 by sharing my referral links on social media platforms. Of course, I pair my links with an honest review of the app itself and let others know that there’s money to be made by doing the same. Sometimes, I’ll download an app just to reap the incentive only to delete it once I’ve cashed out (I mean, there’s only so many personal finance apps that I can utilize at once). Below is a list I’ve compiled of all of the apps I’ve been using that have provided me with referral codes that gotten me a part-time job’s worth of FREE cash (cha-ching!). In the same way I’ve linked my referral codes throughout this article, you can do the same via text, email, social media, blogging, etc.

1. Robinhood

Robinhood is an investment app that allows users to buy individual stocks and stock portfolios with less capital than a typical investment firm requires. Robinhood was quite intimidating to me before I fully understood the ins and outs of investing, day trading, penny stocks, and all of the other “buzz words” associated with the stock game. Now that I’m more well-versed, Robinhood has become a staple app. I use Robinhood as somewhat of a risky savings account, where I can get a higher return than the laughable interest rates banks provide. Like most finance apps, you can choose to have, say, $5 a week automatically funnel into your account so that your money slowly grows.

Referral Incentive: 1 Free Random Stock Per Friend That Downloads, Stock Can Be Withdrawn for Cash Value

This incentive is crazy. For every user I’ve referred, I’ve gotten a free stock that I’ve withdrawn straight to my bank account after a couple of days. Most of the time I’ll get a share of Groupon or Zynga averaging around $5. Occasionally, however, I’ll get a stock like Microsoft or Facebook, being worth around $80 and $180 respectively.

Cap: $500

Money Made So Far: $454.35

This incentive is crazy. For every user I referred, I would get a free stock. Most of the time I get a share of Groupon or Zynga averaging around $5. Occasionally, however, I’ll get a stock like Microsoft or Facebook, landing me at a total of $454.35 so far.

2. Stash

Stash is an app I genuinely enjoyed using prior to merging my investments over to Robinhood. Stash was great for me as a beginner, offering a variety of stock portfolios that took the decision out of your hands. All of their portfolios are fairly “safe” and have great historical growth data. Their stock portfolio names are super 5-year-old friendly.
Referral Incentive: $5 For Every Friend You Refer (Your Friend Gets $5 Too!)

Cap: $250

Money Made So Far: $120

Honestly, it’s too easy. Why wouldn’t your friend download an app to get $5 free. And any financially conscious 20-something would love the opportunity to begin investing without having to have extensive training. It’s a win-win.

3. Acorns

Acorns is another investment app, however, it invests your “spare change,” much like how some bank’s savings account allow your to round up your purchases to a dollar and put the excess change into your savings account.

Referral Incentive: $5 For Every Friend You Refer (Your Friend Gets $5 Too!) **At the time of this article they were offering a crazy referral bonus of $1000 if you got 12 friends to join before the end of February. They had the same incentive in January and I obviously made to sure to get people to sign up. They are constantly updating additional incentives.**

Cap: Not Sure

Money Made So Far: $1000

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